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ANNOX caters to a range of investor profiles - from the private to the institutional investor seeking a low-risk global equity portfolio.

Family Office

Invest as a Family Office

A number of our clients are multi-family offices, as well as single offices looking for a truly independent portfolio as an alternative to banks and others' investment advisors. We offer market-leading returns, as well as a cost structure that is fair and competitive.

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Private Wealth

your free funds

Invest your free funds with us and get a global portfolio with more than 200+ shares in a regulated UCITS fund that is taxed as accumulating share income. Suitable for long-term investment.

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Institutional investors

Institutional Investor

We offer a global exposure to the most recognized risk premiums in the market. We are data-driven, systematic and with a background from the Technical University of Denmark, we have a quantitative approach to equity exposure targeted at relevant risk factors.

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Pension scheme

Invest your
annuity pension

If you like to invest your annuity pension with ANNOX, you can set up a pension scheme in a bank where you are empowered to invest your pension yourself. That way you can then invest your pension savings in asset chosen by yourself. I.e. your pension scheme is with a bank, but you make your own investment decisions, allowing for investments in stocks like the ANNOX mutual fund.

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Company funds

Invest as a company

Avoid negative interest rates - ANNOX mutual fund is suitable for investments from companies, holdings and VSO (Virksomheds Skatte Ordning/Danish Tax regime) and as UCITS equity fund listed on Nasdaq ANNOX offers you a liquid investment.

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