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How do you become an investor

ANNOX is traded on the Nasdaq exchange. You can also buy the ANNOX fund by submitting the order form to your bank. Either way, your bank will charge you a commission fee in addition to the subscription/redemption surcharge of 0.35%.

If you have any questions on how to invest in ANNOX, please contact us. See also FAQ below.

Invester via netbank

Invest through your online banking

ANNOX is listed on the stock exchange and you can buy the fund through your online banking platform. In your online banking, you can search for ANNOX or the ISIN code in the search box.

Invester via Nordnet

Invester through Nordnet

When trading ANNOX on the Nasdaq exchange, we recommend that you make a so-called limited order for applicable bid and offer prices.

Køb på Nordnet
Invester via investeringsrådgiver

Invest through your investment advisor

You can instruct your investment advisor to act on your behalf. Either through the order form or by buying the ANNOX stock directly on Nasdaq stock exchange on your behalf.

Invester via ordreblanket

Invest via the order form

Fill in the attached order form and submit it to your investment advisor or contact person at your bank.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)