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ANNOX Quant Global Equity ESG Kl

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Average p.a. return +12,2%

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as of 06/12/2022 siden 03/09/2018

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ANNOX Quant Global Eq ESG


MSCI World

Managed Account (Nordic region)


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Investment Category

Market segment: Small - Medium Cap
Investment style: Growth

Morningstar Category

Global Large-Cap Blend Equity

FIscal environment

Accumulating share taxation

Inception date

16 June 2020

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Portfolio Manager &
Start date

Mikkel Klit Eliasen
16 June 2020

Price fixing


Asset Under Management (AUM)

227 DKK
as of August 24, 2021

Risk category

Yellow (5)

Investment horizon

3 years

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MSCI World Net Total Return EUR (I DKK)

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About the mutual fund

At ANNOX, we believe that an equity portfolio is an essential part of an investment portfolio. If you buy an investment certificate in Annox, you will become a co-owner of a global diversified un-leveraged stock fund with more than 200 shares selected from a universe of thousands of shares worldwide.

The Fund invests in shares characterised by historically good financial ratios along with attractive stock price patterns. Thus, we select the shares that provide the best combination of recognized academic risk premiums and market abnormalities to generate additional returns. Our goal is to make the best risk-adjusted return that a stock portfolio can offer.

The mutual fund is an accumulative and is suitable for investors with a long time horizon – i.e. investors with free funds, corporate funds, private pensions, family offices and institutional investors.

ANNOX uses a systematic data-driven approach to identify and exploit risk premiums that can optimize and diversify our equity portfolio in the best possible way.  All models and algorithms are anchored in academic research and developed by ANNOX inhouse.  As part of our due dilligence, we use back tests and other forms of simulation to estimate whether a strategy or model makes additional returns during various types of stress tests.

All historical returns presented on the website are real returns generated on our managed account or from our mutual fund “ANNOX Quant Global Equity ESG Kl”.

Our ambition is to provide you with a global equity portfolio with the best possible risk-adjusted return.


At ANNOX, we are primarily paid according to performance. If we do not exceed our benchmark (MSCI World), we are on par with the cheapest investment associations and advisers in Denmark. If we exceed the market, we get 1/4 of the excess return.

In other words, you get 3/4 of the excess return + the market return.
* Market return is measured as MSCI World in DKK.
** The excess return is measured as the return that exceeds the global market return.
*** For the past 20 years, MSCI World has made 8% annually, and is a widely recognized benchmark.
**** Our fixed costs are settled for a maximum of 0.75% of AUM (Asset Under Management)

The small print, to comfort you as a customer:

0) ANNOX adheres to ESMA rules
1) High watermark is applied, both in absolute terms and on excess returns.
2) You only pay performance fee if ANNOX return is positive.
3) You only pay performance fee if the market return is positive.
4) Costs are calculated every day:
hereby new customers do not pay for "old" returns.
5) The price and return are always shown after deduction of costs.
6) Any urther questions - contact us!

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