ANNOX has per 16. June launched it´s own UCITS fund in collaboration with Nykredit. On the 7. October we launched on Nasdaq, and the fund is now available through order forms or through your own prefered trading bank platform. 

If you, your company or other associates are interested in this solution email us at for more information and additional attractive terms at this early stage.

The fund is now on Nasdaq, where it is available on all major broker and bank sites. The fund is UCITS approved and can be purchased from normal, pension and company accounts in Denmark. (“Frie midler”, “Ratepension”, “Virksomhedsmidler” og “VSO”).

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Annox Quant Global Equity ESG Kl is available by Nasdaq OMX nordic. You can invest by purchasing Annox shares using your own prefered banking platform. Annox Global Equity Fund can typically be located on your banking platform by searching for the ISIN code below.  

Alternatively instruct your advisor or relevant contact person at your own bank to do so, again referring to the ISIN code or by filling out the order form below. 

Annox ISIN: DK0061272077

Your Annox shares will be held in your usual stock account, where NAV is calculated three times a day: at 10:00, 12:00 and 16:00 Copenhagen time.

Factsheet (Financial Times)
Central Investor Information
Order form (Ordreblanket)
Offering memorandum (Prospekt)