Mikkel Eliasen
Mikkel EliasenChief Portfolio Manager | Quant | Partner

At ANNOX we believe a stock portfolio is an essential piece in any investors portfolio. That is why we have created our  own diversified long only portfolio, offering exposure to more than 200 selected stocks worldwide from a universe of over 4000 stocks.

Stocks have a over 400 year record of delivering non-leveraged high returns to investors. As such, they are proven asset, and remains today a significant portion of most investors wealth accumulation.

We have just launched our first fund in collaboration with Nykredit.  More data with daily NAV´s, allocation profile, etc. will soon appear here. See also: https://annox.com/en/invest-with-annox/

ANNOX Quant Global Equity ESG Kl

(Daily, DKK, Isin: DK0061272077)