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ANNOX is an innovative fintech company performing quantitative asset management. We aim at providing consistent and stable returns in all financial climates and changing conditions. This is done through a unique approach to asset management based on a combination of financial theory, advanced mathematical models, and extensive computing power.


ANNOX applies a broad range of mathematical tools including machine learning, time series analysis, and optimization. Our models are effective at identifying and quantifying investment opportunities, uncovering repetitive patterns and dependencies, and executing trades using best practice.

Competitive Edge

Active management of asset allocation

We provide an easy exposure to the major asset classes, global diversification, and protection against tail risk though an all-in-one product.

Dynamic diversification

Dynamic diversification through changing market conditions.

Drawdown control

We control drawdowns using dynamic asset allocation.

More than just a long/short fund

We use a combination of machine learning, statistical modeling, and mathematical optimization to uncover robust patterns.

Technological advantage

We have a flexible, module-based investment system, which enables plug-and-play of new research.

Collaboration with universities

We have a well-established research collaboration with two major universities.