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ANNOX applies a broad range of mathematical tools including machine learning, statistical modeling, and mathematical optimization. Our models are effective at identifying and quantifying investment opportunities, uncovering repetitive patterns and dependencies, and executing trades using best practice. 


ANNOX invests using an umbrella approach by deploying a large array of investment strategies designed to target specific market abnormalities or risk premia within different asset classes. Market risk premia are typically based on known academic research, but may be discovered by the in-house researchers.  Capital is allocated using a systematic methology, which removes human emotion from the daily decision making, making it eaiser to commit to a consistent strategy, ultimately resulting in higher profits.  ANNOX ensures exposure to equity by allocating to wordwide diversified stock portfolios.


ANNOX investment policy is based on three fundamental pillars:

  1. The financial markets are not completely efficient, i.e. there exist market abnormalities which can be used to generate excess returns.
  2. Financial markets offer risk premiums, i.e. additional returns for investors taking additional risk rather than placing their assets in risk free assets.
  3. Financial returns experience heavy tail risk, i.e. investment portfolios should be constructed to limit exposure to the extreme events.


Active management of asset allocation using a systematic, scientific and data driven approach:

  1. We provide an easy exposure to the major asset classes, global diversification, and protection against tail risk through an all-in-one product.
  2. Dynamic diversification through changing market conditions,  we rebalance our portfolio on a continuous basis while considering trading cost relative to expected gains.
  3. We control drawdowns using dynamic asset allocation.
  4. Technological advantage. We have a flexible, module-based investment system, which enables plug-and-play of new research.
  5. Collaboration with universities. We have a well-established research collaboration with two major universities.