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Invest with us and our 4000 co-investors and obtain a sustainable return from a global portfolio of stocks - carefully selected by our data-driven investment model.

Through the ANNOX mutual fund you spread your investment into 250 global stocks characterized by some of the worlds strongest financial statements.

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Average p.a. return +11,5%

Per 28/05/2024

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18/9 - 21/9 2020

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3 reasons to choose ANNOX

ANNOX portfolio of 200 shares have been selected based on solid key figures and attractive share price patterns. We thus choose the stocks that provide the best combination of recognized academic risk premiums and market abnormalities to create excess returns.

High historical returns above the market return

Data-driven selection & minimal risk

Low & transparent fee structure

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The Team behind

ANNOX A/S is a portfolio manager for the UCITS fund ANNOX Quant Global Equity ESG Kl. ​ ANNOX is an innovative asset manager using an in-house developed systematic trading process exporing raw data from the Thomson Reuters Refinitive. The fund is administered by Nykredit Portfolio Administration through their private label umbrella platform Investeringsforeningen InvestIn. Nykredit, who is also our depositary, uses BNY Mellon as their sub-custodian.

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ANNOX applies different complementary data-driven strategies in one and the same fund. By applying several strategies in the same model dynamically, the opportunities to choose the shares that provide excess returns in the fund are increased.

Videnskabelig tilgang

Academic approach

We use a systematic data-driven approach to find and exploit opportunities for excess returns. Our models are built on evidence in historical data, and not personal gut feelings that may change from day to day.


Focused asset Management

We are 100% independent and only advise our equity fund. We thus have full focus on making the best-performing equity fund - and nothing else. And if you have questions, you are always welcome to write or call - we are located on Svanemøllevej in Hellerup.